Faith and Work

Luke 9:1-6

In today’s Gospel notice that Jesus sends His disciples on a missionary journey but he did not ask them to perform any religious rituals. What Jesus asked of them was simple: proclaim the good news, help people in their basic needs as human beings, and curing their diseases.

Now if the question is ask you, what did you do to help those who asked for your help. Could the affirmative be your answer? Did you visit your sick neighbor, bury the dead, feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty and the like? You are blessed indeed if you have practiced all the corporal works of mercy for the love of God. Since they are the how of loving God.

If we have God in us, goodness is in us and goodness is diffusive in itself, hence it cannot but reach out for others. For as St. James say, show me faith that does not have works and I will show you faith that underlies my works. Faith without works is dead.

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