Purgatory 3

One suffers terribly

In Purgatory souls suffer the pain of purification according to the needs of each one. There are those who have more debts and defects and those who have less. The intensity and the duration are perfectly measured, but the nature of the suffering which the souls endure is terrible. The pain of sense and the pain of loss constitute a suffering incomparable to any on earth.
St. Thomas Aquinas teaches: “The tiniest pain of Purgatory surpasses the greatest pain on earth” and again: “The same fire torments the damned in hell and the just in Purgatory.”
There, one will understand what a dreadful thing an offense against God is and what kind of reparation His justice requires. For this reason, the Saints were so careful to expiate on earth every little defect or fault, even “useless words” (Mt 12:36). St. Monica on her deathbed told those who were around her: “Pray for me! Don’t bother about caring for my body, but only my soul.”  (An excerpt from the Day by Day with Mary by Fr. Stefano M. Manelli, FI)


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