Holy Mary

The name Mary is a name of salvation. This name came not of earth, but from heaven: hence St. Epiphanius says, that it was not given to Mary by her but was imposed on her by the express will of God. Therefore it is that, after the name of Jesus, the name of Mary is above every other name; for God has filled it with grace and sweetness that every blessing may be obtained by him who names it. St. Bernard says, “O Mary, you cannot be named without inflaming the heart of him who does so with love for thee.” Blessed Henry Suso used to exclaim, “O Mary, what must thou yourself be, since thy very name is so amiable and gracious?” That name is filled with blessings. St. Bonaventure says, that the name of Mary cannot be invoked without profit to him who does so. Above all, this name has power to overcome the temptations of hell.

Ah, my Lady, had I always invoked thee in my temptations, I should not have fallen. For the future I will never cease to invoke thee, saying, “Mary, help me; Mary, succor me.” And do thou obtain me the grace always to invoke thee in time of spiritual danger.

(From The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori)

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