The Emmanuel

Let us ask the question:  What is the Eucharist?  It is God with us.  It is the Lord Jesus present in the tabernacles of our churches with His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  It is Jesus veiled under the appearance of bread, but really and physically present in the consecrated Host, so that He dwells in our midst, works within us and for us, and is at our disposal.  The Eucharistic Jesus is the true Emmanuel, the “God with us” (Mt. 1:23).

“The faith of the Church,” Ven. Pope Pius XII teaches us, “is this:  That one and identical is the Word of God and the Son of Mary who suffered on the Cross, who is present in the Eucharist, and who rules in Heaven.”

The Eucharistic Jesus is here with us as a brother, as a friend, as spouse of our souls.  He wishes to enter within us to be our Food for eternal life, our love, our support.  He wants to make us part of His mystical Body in which He would redeem us and save us, and then take us into the kingdom of Heaven to settle us in an everlasting bliss of love.

With the Eucharist, God has truly given us everything.  St. Augustine exclaimed:  “Although God is all-powerful, He is unable to give more; though supremely wise, He knows not how to give more; though vastly rich, He has not more to give.”

When St. Peter Julian Eymard came to Paris, he was lodged in a very poor house in which many necessities were lacking.  But when someone complained and another took pity on him, the Saint would respond, “The Blessed Sacrament is there. That is all that I need.”  When persons would approach him to obtain graces, help and comfort, the Saint would respond, “You will find all in the Eucharist:  the warm words you want to hear, the knowledge and the miracles you need—yes, even the miracles.”

(From the Jesus Our Eucharistic Love by Fr. Stefano Manelli, FI)

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