Holy Mother of God

If the prayers of the saints are very powerful with God, how great must be the power of those of Mary! The former are the prayers of servants, the latter the prayers of the Mother. St. Antoninus says that the prayers of Mary have the force of a command with Jesus Christ. Hence he concludes, that it is impossible for the Son not to grant a grace for which the Mother asks. St. Bernard, therefore, exhorts us to ask for every grace which we desire from God through Mary. “Let us seek for grace, and seek it by Mary.” And why? “Because she is a Mother, and is always graciously heard.”

O great Mother of God, pray to Jesus for me. Behold the miseries of my soul, and pity me. Pray, and never cease to pray, until thou seest me safe in Paradise. O Mary, thou art my hope; abandon me not. “Holy Mother of God, pray for us.”

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