Mother of Divine Grace

St. Anselm calls Mary “Mother of all graces;” and Blessed Raymond Jordano, “The treasurer of divine grace.” Hence St. Bernardine of Sienna writes, that “all the gifts and graces that we receive from God are dispensed by the hands of Mary, to whom, when, and as she pleases.” This she herself says: With me are riches…that I may enrich them that love. “Our Lord has despoiled all the riches of his graces in my hands, that I may enrich those who love me.”

Then, my Queen, if I love thee, I no longer shall be poor as I am. After God, I love thee above all things; do thou obtain me greater tenderness and love for thy goodness. St. Bonaventure tells me that all whom thou willest are saved; therefore will I address thee with the same saint, “O salvation of all who call upon thee, save me from hell;” but first of all, save me from sin, which alone can take me to hell.

(From The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori)

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