Mother Most Pure

This Virgin Mother, all fair and pure, renders all her servants pure and chaste. St. Ambrose writes, that when Mary was on earth her presence alone inspired all those who looked at her with a love of purity. She was called a lily amongst thorns: As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters (Cant. 2:2). “All other virgins,” says Denis the Carthusian, “were thorns either to themselves or to others; but the Blessed Virgin was so neither to herself nor to others, for she inspired all those upon whom she looked with pure and holy affections.” Frigentius, who wrote like St. Thomas Aquinas, relates that it was an ordinary saying of the saint, that “even the images of this chaste turtle-dove extinguish sensual desires in those who look at them with devotion.” The Venerable John D’Avila says, “that many who were tempted against purity had preserved themselves chaste by devotion to our Blessed Lady.” O, how especially powerful is the name of Mary in conquering all temptations to this vice!

O most pure Mary, deliver me from it. Grant that in my temptations I may always have recourse to thee, and invoke thee as long as the temptation lasts.

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