Mother Undefiled

Mary was that spotless woman who always appeared beautiful and without stain in the eyes of God: Thou art all fair, O my love, and there is not a spot in thee. Hence, she was made the sinner’s peacemaker, as she is called by St. Ephrem, “Hail, peacemaker of the whole world!” this she also says herself in the sacred Canticles, I am become in His presence as one finding peace. St. Gregory says, “that if a rebel appeared before his offended king to appease him, instead of doing so he would provoked him greater anger.” Hence Mary being destined to treat of peace between God and men, it was not becoming that she should appear as a sinner and as an accomplice in Adam’s sin; and therefore our Lord preserved her from every stain.

Ah, my immaculate Queen, fair dove, and the beloved of God, disdain not to cast thine eyes on the many stains and wounds of my soul: see me, and pity me. God, who loves thee so much, denies thee nothings; and thou knowest not how to refuse those who have recourse to thee. O Mary, to thee I have recourse; pity me. “Mother inviolate, pray for us.”

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