Mother of Our Saviour

St. Bonaventure calls Mary “the Mediatress of our salvation;” and St. John Damascene “the Saviour in a certain manner of the world.” For two reasons Mary can be called the Saviour of the world and our Mediatress; that is, the mediatress of grace, as Jesus Christ is the mediator of justice. First, on account of the consent which she gave at the Incarnation of the Eternal Word; for by that consent, St. Bernardine says, “she procured us salvation.” Secondly, by the consent which Mary gave to the death of her Son in which she expressed her willingness that he should be sacrificed on the cross for our salvation.

I remind thee, then O Mother of my Saviour, that thou didst once offer the life of the Son to God; save me now by thy intercession.

From The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori

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