Virgin Most Renowned

The Holy Church proclaims that this divine Mother is “most worthy of every praise;” for, as St. Ildephonsus says, “all praise that is given to the Mother redounds to the honor of the Son.” With reason, then, did St. George of Nicomedia declare, “that God accepts the praises which are lavished on Mary, as if they were bestowed on himself.” The Blessed Virgin promises Paradise to him who endeavors to make her known and loved: they that explain me, shall have life everlasting. Therefore, Richard of St. Lawrence writes, that “all who honor her in this world will be honored by her in the next.” St. Anselm says, “that as Mary, by becoming the Mother of God was the means of the salvation of sinners, so are sinners saved by proclaiming her praises.” All cannot be preachers, but all can praise her, and speak to relatives and friends in familiar conversation of the merits of Mary, of her powers and mercy, and thus lead them to devotion towards this divine Mother.

O Queen of Heaven, from this time forward I am determined to do all that I can to cause thee to be venerated and loved by all. Accept my desire, and help me to execute it; in the mean time inscribe me in the number of thy servants, and never permit me again to become a slave of Lucifer.

From The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori

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