Virgin Most Merciful

Mary is as clement and merciful toward those who have recourse to her intercession as she is powerful with God. St. Bernard says, “that since the power to save us cannot be wanting to Mary, as she is the Mother of God, so neither can the will be wanting to her, for she is our Mother.” Who is there that ever had recourse to Mary and was abandoned? “Let him cease to praise thy mercy,” says the same St. Bernard, “who remembers having ever invoked thee without being graciously heard.” St. Bonaventure writes, “that Mary has so great a desire to be invoked by us, that she may dispense her favors to us in greater abundance, that she is not only offended by those who speak ill of her, but also by those who neglect to ask her for graces.” Thus to obtain her help, we are not obliged to pray much to this Mother of Mercy; it is enough to ask her of it with confidence. “Her mercy,” says Richard of St. Victor, “comes to our aid before we invoke it:” and he tells us why: “It is because she cannot know and see our miseries without relieving them.”

See, then, O Mary, see my miseries and help me. “Virgin most merciful, pray for us.”

From The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori

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