Cause of Our Joy

As the dawn is a cause of joy, after the darkness and gloom of night, so was the birth of Mary, who is our dawn, a cause of joy to the world, which, before the coming of Jesus Christ, had been for four thousand years, immersed in the darkness of sin. A holy Father says, “that in the birth of Mary the dawn appeared.” The dawn is the forerunner of the sun, and Mary was the precursor of the Incarnate Word, the Sun of  Justice, the Redeemer, who, by his death, delivered us from eternal death. With reason the Church sings, on the Nativity of Mary, “Thy birth, O holy Mother of God, announced joy to the whole world.” And as Mary was the beginning of our joy, so is she also its completion; for St. Bernard says, “that Jesus Christ deposited the whole price of our redemption in the hands of Mary; that every grace which we receive, we may receive it from her.”

O Mother of God, thou art my joy and my hope; for thou deniest thy graces to no one, and thou obtainest all that thou willest from God.

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