Gate of Heaven

Mary, Gate of Heaven, pray for us.

Mary is called the “Gate of Heaven,” because, as St. Bonaventure declares, “no one can enter heaven unless by Mary, as though a door.” Our Queen says, My power is in Jerusalem. Richard of St. Lawrence adds: “Commanding what I will and introducing whom I will.” I can obtain whatever I please for my clients, and introduce all whom I please into paradise. Hence St. Bonaventure writes, that “those who enjoy the favor of Mary are recognized by the citizens of heaven; and those who bear her stamp, that is, have the grace to be her servants, are inscribed in the Book of Life.” For this reason, Bernardine de Bustis calls Mary “the Book of Life,” and says that whoever, by this devotion, is written in this book is certain to be saved.

Ah, my Mother, in thee do I repose my hope of eternal salvation. I love thee; do thou save me; never allow a servant of thine who loves thee to go to blaspheme thee in hell.

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