Morning Star

Morning Star, pray for us.

St. John Damascene calls Mary “the Star which indicates the rising of the sun.” As the morning star precedes the sun, so does devotion towards the most Blessed Virgin precede the sun of divine grace; for St. Germanus says that “devotion in a soul towards Mary is a sign either that it is already in a state of grace, or that it will very soon be so.” Our Lady is also called “the Star of the sea” by the Church; for, as St. Thomas explains it, “as mariners, in tempestuous weather, are guided by the star of the sea into port, so are souls guided by Mary over the sea of this world into Paradise.” Hence St. Bernard warns us, saying, “If you do not wish to be lost in the storm of temptations, turn not your eyes from this star of salvation.” He then continues, “if you follow Mary, you will not go astray; if Mary protects you, you cannot fear to be lost; if Mary favors you, you will reach Paradise.”

From The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori

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