Queen of Martyrs

Mary, Queen of Martyrs, pray for us.

With reason is Mary called the Queen of Martyrs, for her martyrdom in the death of her Son on the cross exceeded the sufferings of all the martyrs. There stood by the cross of Jesus His Mother. Mothers fly from their children when they see them dying and are unable to help them. Mary did not fly, but remained with Jesus until she saw him expire. She stood by the cross, and whilst Jesus was in his agony she offered the life of her Son to the Eternal Father for our salvation; but in doing so she also was in an agony, and experienced a torment greater than any death.

O my afflicted Mother, be graciously pleased, by the merit of the sorrows which thou didst endure at the foot of the cross, to obtain for me true sorrow for my sins, and love for Jesus my Redeemer; and by the sword which transpierced thy heart when thou didst see him bow down his head and expire, I beseech thee to help me at the hour of my death, and then to obtain me eternal salvation, that I may love thee with thy Jesus forever.

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