The best road

st_Maximilian_KolbeIt is noteworthy that true and perfect devotion to Mary brings us Jesus, our one Goal, by the best road, the road that is most glorious, the road chosen and traveled by Himself to come to us. St. Bernard calls Mary “the royal road of the Savior.” Now if Jesus chose this road as His way to give Himself to us, should we ever expect to find another better road as a means of giving ourselves to Him? God’s way of acting is one of perfec­tion. If we act differently, we necessarily fall into imperfec­tion.

On this point, St. Louis Grignon and St. Maximilian both declare that perfect devotion to Mary is “the road that is easy, short, perfect, and sure, for reaching union with Our Lord;” for Our Lady has the motherly skill to make harsh things mild, to make bitter things sweet, and to soften what is too hard. Bl.  Contardo Ferrini used to say, “If the way that leads to Jesus’ Heart is arduous and long, have one look at the Heart of this Mother, and you will have courage!”

Yes, Our Lady truly makes distances shorter, makes trave­ling better, and enables us to get there sooner.

Once St.. Pio of Pietrelci­na was asked by one of his spiritual sons, “Father, teach me a short cut to reach God.” Padre Pio answe­red, “The shortcut is the Blessed Virgin.”

Now if devotion to Our Lady is indeed the shortcut to holiness, why risk any longer routes? We ought rather to thank God for making available to us this heavenly “shortcut”, which we can call the “express route” to the Heart of Jesus. With charac­teristic, wholesome fervor, St. Alphonsus Liguori encourages us to strive toward the highest goals, and exhorts us to ask Our Lady to give us a quick passage thither in her arms: “Ah, my Lady! If you do not carry me in your arms to God, do not expect me to walk there. Carry me, and if I resist, carry me by force.”

From Devotion to Our Lady by Fr. Stefano Manelli, FI

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