St. Ambrose – Bk 2 – Chapter 14

Christ the King, 1The sentence of the Judge is set forth, the counter pleas of the opposers are considered, and the finality of the sentence, from which there is no appeal, proved.

123. What verdict do we look for from Christ? That do I know. Do I say, what verdict will He give? Nay, He has already pronounced sentence. We have it in our hands. Let all, says He, honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He that honours not the Son, honours not the Father, Who has sent Him. John 5:23

124. If the sentence please you not, appeal to the Father, cancel the judgment that the Father has given. Say that He has a Son Who is unlike Him. He will reply: Then have I lied, I, Who said to the Son, ‘Let us make man in Our image and likeness.’ Genesis 1:26

125. Tell the Father that He has created the Son, and He will answer: Why, then, have you worshipped One Whom you thought to be a created being?

126. Tell Him that He has begotten a Son Who is inferior to Himself, and He will reply: Compare Us, and let Us see.

127. Tell Him that you owed no credence to the Son, whereto He will answer: Did I not say to you, ‘This is My well-beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased: hear Him’? Matthew 17:5 What mean these words hear Him, if not Hear Him when He says: ‘All things that the Father has are Mine’? This did the apostles hear, even as it is written: And they fell upon their faces, and were greatly afraid. Matthew 17:6 If they who confessed Him fell to the earth, what shall they do who have denied Him? But Jesus laid His hand upon His apostles, and raised them up— you He will suffer to lie prone, that you may see not the glory you have denied.

128. Let us look to it, then, for as much as whom the Son condemns, the Father condemns also, and therefore let us honour the Son, even as we honour the Father, that by the Son we may be able to come to the Father.


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