Ave Maria!

Virgo Clemens is a religious blog by Kawsa Ni Maria. May this site give us more information about our Catholic Faith and make us love the Blessed Virgin Mary all the more.

God bless.


Kawsa Ni Maria is  Marian and Charismatic community dedicated to “show and offer all love, compassion, help and protection to the people” (message of Our Lady of Guadalupe) especially the destitute and dysfunctional/unstructured families through the Church, with the Church, in the Church and for the Church. It is committed to promote values in all sector of society especially children and youth using the multimedia. From human/natural values, to cultural values, up to religious values.


To extend Mary’s love, compassion, help and protection to the people through various ministries and charism from the manifold messianic gifts. To foster total consecration to Mary and to constantly endeavor to enshrine the Holy Spirit in the hearts of men. To help the Marian-Eucharistic and Charismatic-Biblical activities in the Archdiocese and the whole world.


Edification of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and perfection of its members under the banner of Mary Immaculate, our most Merciful mother. Sanctification of all the committed members of the community (group of men, group of women and lay associates) forming one family by the Holy Spirit of Love.

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